The Beachfront Grill is a Workshop unlocked at Level 31.

You can have up to six of them and they can be upgraded.

Cost of Buying Beachfront Grills

First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth
300,000 Coins 20 Keys 40 Keys 80 Keys 160 Keys 320 Keys

Please see the article on Workshops for information about upgrading and buying additional ones.

The table below shows what recipes are crafted here, the level that you get the recipe, the required ingredients, the time to craft one, the base price, and how many County Fair points it is worth.

Level Recipe Materials Time Base
31 Fish and Chips 2 Salmon, 2 Pan Fries 7 minutes 7700 30
31 Crab Cakes 4 Crab, 5 Egg, 5 Flour 4 minutes 800 8
32 Pepper Poppers 8 Mixed Pepper, 3 Goat Cheese, 3 Flour 1 minute 880 8
33 Shrimp Skewers 4 Shrimp, 3 Honey Butter, 2 Lemon 15 minutes 14,000 20

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