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Foraging with just Calvin


Foraging with 6 farm hands

Foraging occurs on special plots on your farm. Farm Hands and Helping Hands can be sent out to collect special materials for you. Helping Hands are farm hands that your co-op neighbors can send you. Once the foraging has completed, you will receive materials and experience. Some items are only available through foraging.

How to Forage

When you click on a foraging spot, you get a close up window of it.

  • Items needed to forage are displayed. A green check-mark means you have the items, otherwise it will show the amount of items you are missing and give you an opportunity to buy the items with Keys.
  • Once you have the items needed, you drag the farm hands that you want to use into the center. You can only add as many farm hands as there are spots for them, you do not have to use all the spots.
  • More farm hands increase your chances of getting items. You can remove farm hands before foraging begins,if you want to change them. Different farm hands help with different rewards or give bonus items. The effects are shown at the bottom as you place the farm hands.
  • Items that are possible rewards for foraging are displayed at the right side of the window. Each item will have a circle around it. The color of the circle and how far it goes around indicates how likely you are to get that item. Red is a low chance, yellow is a medium chance and green is a high chance. A complete green circle means you will be awarded that item.
  • Clicking the "Start Foraging" button will send your selected farm hands to work.
  • When foraging is complete a green ? will be floating above the area. Click on it and what you have found will be displayed. If you can't wait for the full foraging to finish, you can pay keys to complete it early.
  • Once foraging is complete, the farm hands go back to your farm house, awaiting another task.

See the individual farm hand or foraging spot pages for more information about bonus items and increasing your chances of rewards.

Items related to foraging are listed below.

Zynga's Game Guide to Drop Rates while Foraging

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