The costs for the upgrades have suddenly gotten lower. Not sure if this is a Christmas present from Zynga and will go back after the event is over, or if they have decided to lower the costs for upgrades
  • got feedback on the forums, storage upgrade costs can vary greatly from player to player and sometimes change. Not sure how to handle this as the table quickly becomes useless if it doesn't apply to everyone equally.

There are three storage buildings in the current version of Farmville 2 Country Escape, barn, silo and back porch storage.

You start with a barn that has 50 spots. This can be upgraded 10 spots at a time. Recipes, ingredients, foraged items, and upgrade items are all stored in the barn.

At level 19 you can purchase the silo. The silo begins with 20 spots and can be upgraded 10 spots at a time. The silo only holds ingredients from crops and animals. It does not store recipes, foraged items, or upgrade items such as shovels. If your silo becomes full, the excess is stored in your barn. Balancing which storage building to upgrade and what materials to store is an important part of farm management.

At level 36 you get the ability to store animals and workshops on your back porch storage area. You begin with 5 spots and can upgrade 3 spots at a time. In addition to the regular upgrade materials, upgrading the back porch requires Light Bulb(s). They are found at Mallard Mill

For additional information about each storage building, including upgrade costs, see the specific article page below.

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