In the game of FarmVille 2 Country Escape, there are a lot of places you can expand your farm to. Most of them have requirements which you need to meet in order to open up this specific place. You can only unlock patches of ground if your current unlocked ground is directly adjacent with a full patch to this new area.

The general requirements are you need be at a certain level and have a certain amount of coins. You may also purchase expansions with keys if you don't want to wait. Some expansions unlock foraging spots.

Grid of Expansions

1 L108 L73 L60 L55 L08
Grandma's Glade
Farm House Farm House Barn L25 L27
2 L115 L81 L44 L48 L09 Farm House Farm House Barn L12
Pappy's Pond
3 L122 L88 L40 L36 L17 L05 L07 L10 L14 L15
4 L129 L95 L32
Mallard Mill
L31 L30
Prosperity Pier
L28 L26 L22 L19 L18
Merryweather Mine

Additional info to add in from redirect page -Expanding your Farm -

Signposts on adjacent uncleared plots of land indicate if you are able to expand. A dollar sign on a plot means you are not able to expand to that plot, either because of level or lack of coins to purchase it. Clicking on a sign will tell you when the plot become available and how many coins you will need to purchase it. Plots that are uncleared are also available for Keys.

Plots with signs that have a check-mark are ready to be cleared. You have fulfilled the level requirements and have enough coins to buy it. Clicking on the sign will bring up a coins symbol which you move above the sign (just like watering a plot or feeding an animal. This summons a herd of goats that eat the grass and revel the plot. You are now able to use the land. On the cleared land may be chests or debris. Chest open when clicked on revealing gifts such as coins or materials. Debris must be cleared using shovels from the tool shed.

your first plot is available at level 5 and costs 10 coins.