Helping hands are a special type of farm hand that your co-op members can loan you. There are three different types and each one is good at finding specific items.

You can have a total of 3 active at a time. Helping hands leave after 24 hours or once they complete the foraging task you assigned them.

You can loan out 5 helping hands at one time to your co-op members. Loaning helping hands does not reduce the number of your regular Farm Hands.

As of Feb 2016, Zynga has made the waiting period 6 hours for all players to request helping hands. Prior to this each player was assigned a specific waiting period which could be as small as 30 minutes or as long as 6 hours.

Check out the Zynga forum link (Feb 2016).

Check out the Zynga forum link (variable waiting period).

Gardener Helping Hand

At level 11 you will be able to loan out the gardening helping hand. She is great at helping to find chives and tomatoes.

Fisherman Helping Hand

At level 15 you are able to loan out the fisherman helping hand. He is great at finding blackberries, crab, and lobster.

Animal Trainer Helping Hand

He is available for you to loan out after you get a Prized Animal to three stars. He is great at helping to win ribbons for tending prized animals.