Mallard Mill is a Foraging spot. It is unlocked at Level 32 and costs 800,000 coins.

You can send a maximum of 8 Farm Hands to forage there. Foraging costs 1 Lemon Tart, 1 Whistle, and takes 4 hours.

There are 3 special farm hands that help at Mallard Mill. They are Magpie Duck, Mallard Duck, and the Mute Swan. They do not count against the 8 farm hands slots. They increase the chances on getting the default items and also add the possibility of finding other things.[1]

For more detailed information about the drop rate for foraged items read the Foraging page.

Possible Rewards

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  1. The Zynga article introducing Mallard Mill

This information is current as of Version 4.0.392 (32)

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