This page is a smaller chunk of the all inclusive Prices of Goods on the Market page.

Here are the prices that you can sell your goods to other players in the Farm Stand.

The standard price is what is displayed when you select the item to sell. Using the + or - keys on the price will allow you to increase or decrease the price. The minimum price is the lowest price you can sell the item for and the maximum price is the highest price you can sell it for.

The other markets in the game are run by non-player characters. Along with coins, all NPC markets award experience points when you sell to them. NPC markets always pay a set price. This table gives a rough idea of what they pay as compared to the base price.

Farm Order Board
Eagle Eye Eddie Nick
Nick's Knicknacks
Sophia's Tasting Table
Pike's Landing
Ancient Mariner
The Lighthouse
Price Base Base +15% Base +15% ??? ??? ???

Note to Contributors: If you update this listing, please be sure to update the all inclusive list: Prices of Goods on the Market and the individual item pages. Individual item pages only list min, base and max pricing.

Item Minimum
Market Order
Teddy Bear 21,000 26,000 33,000 1
Tin 1,900 2,300 2,900 3
Tin Button 2,300 2,800 3,500 3
Tomato 27 33 42 10
Tomato Juice 4,500 5,600 7,000 3
Trousers 1,400 1,700 2,200 10
Trout 1,600 2,000 2,500 1
Trout Souffle 12,000 14,000 18,000 1
Wheat 1 2 3 10
Whistle 550 680 850 10
White Grapes 110 130 170 10
Wind Chime 35,000 43,000 54,000 1
Wool 160 200 250 10
Yarn Doll 880 1,100 1,400 10

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