•Mastery is a three-star system that is used to "level up" your items. •You earn mastery by earning mastery seals. •Mastery seals have a chance of being found when you make or harvest the item you want to earn seals from. •Collect enough mastery seals to earn World Class Mastery Stars. •The first star gives you 5% more coins when you sell that item. •The second star gives you a 10% time deduction when you harvest that item. •The final star gives you a 15% chance of getting extra if that item when you harvest it. •You start off with 3 items to "level up": Apples, Corn, and Red Grapes. The following items can be upgraded at the Wharf: -Apples -Corn -Red Grapes Zynga's Game Guide to World Class Mastery

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