Working on confirming level information, much of it is incorrect. My experimental account is at level 11, so I can confirm that recipe info is correct up to that point. See the main page for an example.

This Farm could use attention
How about a little help?

Mostly completed

  • Achievements (Complete pages for newly added achievement chains)

Currently under construction:

Awaiting updating

  • Gameplay
  • Quests
  • Assign categories to pages without them
  • Make sure pages are properly categorized and cross referenced.
  • Remove subcategories, they look weird and are confusing. Using redirects solves this issue.

Information on foraging and NPC places such as the Farm Order Board, Sophia's Tasting Table, Pike's Landing, Mariner's Orders, and the Cove need to be added. This includes what type of items are given at the foraging sites and what is asked for at each NPC location. Updating about Farmhands will be harder as some farmhands add bonus items at certain locations.

Previous event locations and specialty farmhands may not be covered unless I can find a source that has that info.

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