This NPC run market opens at level 24.

Sophia asks for things related to wine and wine tasting. She pays base market price for the top row of items. She pays a tiny bit more for the daily pairings. Daily pairings seem to stay until you reject them, not just one day.

Here is a list of the things I have seen her ask for.
As with all NPC markets, the amount of things she asks for increases as you level up.

Wine, Fruit, & Cheese

Brie Cheese - Champagne - Chardonnay - Pear - Pinot Noir - Red Grapes - Rosé Wine - Sparkling Cider - Swiss Cheese

Spreads, Jams & Juices

Blackberry Jam - Blueberry Jam - Grape Juice - Herb Butter - Honey Butter - Lemonade - Pear Jam - Pear Juice - Strawberry Jam

Food & Pastries

Baked Potato - Blackberry Tart - Blueberry Granola Muffin - Deviled Eggs - Gelato - Lemon Yogurt - Mac & Cheese - Scone - Stuffed Bass - Trout Souffle

Note: Check if she asks for Tomato Juice.

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