Treasure Hunting Mode

Treasure Hunting Mode is the foraging function of the Cove. When you enter this mode, 44 searchable tiles appear around the Lighthouse. To forage you must use a net on a tile of water.


Nets are available to purchase at the Cove and cost as follows:

Gold Net (Search time: 5s)

  • 1 Gold Stamp
  • 157 Keys
  • 5x for 708 Keys (~142 Keys per net)

Silver Net (Search time: 1h)

  • 1 Silver Stamp
  • 121 Keys
  • 5x for 546 Keys (~109 Keys per net)

Bronze Net (Search time: 8h)

  • 1 Bronze Stamp
  • 225000 Coins
  • 44 Keys
  • 5x for 198 Keys (~40 Keys per net)

Possible Rewards

Rewards will be a mixture of these items, with Gold Nets seemingly giving more rewards and more chance of Keys.