The Winery is a workshop.

It is unlocked at Level 27

You can have up to six of them and they can be upgraded.

Cost of Buying Winerys

First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth
225,000 Coins 20 Keys 40 Keys 80 Keys 160 Keys 320 Keys

Please see the article on Workshops for information about upgrading and buying additional ones.

The table below shows what recipes are crafted here, the level that you get the recipe, the required ingredients, the time to craft one, the base price, and how many Country Fair points it is worth.

Level Recipe Materials Time Base
27 Pinot Noir 1 Bottle, 6 Red Grape 6 hours 9000 30
28 Chardonnay 1 Bottle, 3 White Grape 4 hours 8900 25
28 Rosé Wine 1 Bottle, 2 White Grape, 2 Red Grape 20 minutes 3300 12
29 Sparkling Cider 1 Bottle, 10 Apple 10 minutes 2200 8
29 Champagne 1 Bottle, 6 White Grape 8 hours 11,000 40

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