Workshops allow you to convert ingredients into recipes, which can then be sold to other players at the Farm Stand or to the various NPC's in the game.

This is how you gain coins, experience, and sometimes keys, stamps, or sand dollars. Each type of workshop is unlocked as you gain levels.

(NPC's are non player characters such as Marie, Eagle Eye Eddie, and Nick. They are controlled by the game, not by you or another player.)

Buying Workshops

You can have up to six workshops of each kind on your farm. Buying additional workshops is sometimes restricted until you reach a certain level. For example, buying a second Windmill is not allowed until you reach level 9.

Cost of Buying Workshops

First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth
varies 20 Keys 40 Keys 80 Keys 160 Keys 320 Keys

Placing a workshop is done by opening the General Store and dragging the item onto your farm. You have to find a vacant spot, indicated by a green area under the workshop. Once placed the workshop take a set amount of time to be built before it can be used. This time can be a few minutes or a few hours. The workshop is ready to use when a green check mark appears above it. Clicking on the check mark unveils the workshop and it is ready to use.

Upgrading a Workshop


Upgrading your workshops will give you the option to craft more than 1 item at a time. Upgrading reduces only the time required, not the amount of ingredients needed. Once you upgrade, you can still make less items at a time, so a Windmill upgraded to make 3 items at a time can also make 1 or 2. (Ie: Upgrading your Windmill to x2 for 10 Keys gives you the option to craft 2 Sugars at a time and decreases the amount of time needed for crafting by 30 seconds.)

The table below shows the time multiplier and the cost of each upgrade. The time multiplier works by multiplying the amount of time it would take to craft one item by the time multiplier listed. (Ie: 1 Sugar takes 2 minutes to craft. 2 minutes x 4 = 8 minutes to craft 5 Sugars.)

Crafting Amount Time Multiplier Cost to upgrade
x1 1 (none)
x2 1.75 5 Keys
x3 2.5 10 Keys
x5 4 30 Keys
x10 7.75 80 Keys
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